The Instrument

To rise, you must fall.

To fall, you must rise.

One state cannot exist without the other. In fact, they are each other.

Investment in change, assumes you know what is best for you, or for the world.

Is it really true the world needs more peace and love?

Fighting takes us away from the moment, where we find an abundance of peace and love, even in the midst of great suffering.

Pushing never works in a sustainable way. As soon as you rise, you begin to fall. As soon as you fall, you begin to rise.

That's how relatively works. It's immensely frustrating, until you get the joke.

It's frustrating because to embrace relativity means to embrace your powerlessness.

The joke is that by embracing your powerlessness, you find your power.

Being free of the need to fight and push, I can find total peace right now.

I can be the instrument.