Point Wisely

We point our compass to the direction we want to head in.

We start acting on our understanding of the "right" way to get there. We make some progress and, eventually, veer off course.

What was once right becomes "wrong."

We get the map out, consult with experts, and update our understanding—and off we go again, moving forward based on our new understanding of what right is.

We make a little more progress and, soon enough, we are lost again. Right becomes wrong.

We do more investigation, more self-inquiry, more consultation, and we're back on our way.

And on and on like that (via tremendous amounts of trial and error), until we finally get where we want to go.

What is most important throughout is to keep the compass steady. Some have called this "one-pointedness of mind."

Every time you change your heading, you have to go back to the beginning of the game.

Do You Really Want to Know?

Wanting to know the truth is one thing.

Getting to know the truth is entirely another.

Wanting to know the truth is the attraction that pulls the moth to the light.

Getting to know the truth is the annihilation it will face for daring such a treacherous path.

With us, it is the annihilation of our stories, attachments, and desires. These things, as innocent and purely intended though they might be, all keep us knotted up in our personal sense of self and so, cut off from the truth—the whole, in the "holy" sense.

If there is no true inner and outer, then these must and will merge.

Freedom and joy beyond freedom and joy are the fruits of truth realisation—that's what intuitively attracts. However, a heavy price must be paid for them.

It is not easy work, by any stretch, to give up our personal sense of self and to let ourselves dissolve away into pure freedom and joy.

It takes time. It requires courage, and great ability to bear unpleasant feelings and circumstances. Most of all, it requires repeated commitment to take the next step and the one after that, and the one after that.

Really though, what else is there to do?

Any goal but truth realisation will seem small by comparison. It is the work we are here to do.

Constant questioning and self-inquiry are the guides, as well as a sense of, "I will not rest until the goal of all goals is achieved."

Real Magic is Love

Magic is the impossible made possible.

The vibration of magic is inextricably linked with the nature of the universe. Get lost gazing at the moon and the night sky and you will feel it.

Magic will be a part of your life. That is, unless, we shield ourselves from it.

We shield ourselves by investing in "me, my, and mine." By building identities. By becoming solid, independent "Is." We communicate to the universe, "I am separate from you. I will go it alone."

We get what we give. In this case, an independent journey void of magic, except the kind we conjure on our own, which like a man-made lake, pails in comparison to the real thing.

Real magic is a feeling of being watched over. Internally guided. Of knowing you are in the right place at the right time. Of dynamic exchanges. Of organic resolutions.

It is knowing all is well and always will be.

Real magic is trust and it is abundance. It is knowing what we cannot know.

Real magic is love.

We achieve real magic through surrender. Bowing at our knees with hands clasped after the weight of the cut off journey becomes too much to bear.