The Teacher Follows the Student

We think we need to follow a teacher in order to [insert the blank goal].

We think they have something we don't—and that's true to a certain extent.

The truth is, teachers follow students. At least, the most credible ones do—the ones worth following.

A student's sincere bhav or intention emits a frequency that the right teacher will pick up on and respond to. It's why we have the famous saying, "When the student is ready, the teacher appears."

100% correct.

It's a mind that thinks it needs to follow somebody to get "a head."

It's a heart that profoundly desires to know the Truth, even if that means going it alone and giving all to do so. Then — and only then — do the right resources appear to give guidance and support.

Commitment Before Practice

Technique is important. What you do is important. The various practices you undertake are important.

Practice for practice's sake though, something is missing.

You can chant. Do asana. Meditate. Do any number of so called spiritual things and derive benefit, no doubt.

However, if the underlying commitment towards ego destruction and merging is not there, practice will eventually run out of gas and become unsustainable (perhaps, then, igniting commitment).

Commitment powers practice. The stronger the commitment, the more potent (and less necessary) the practice

With powerful enough commitment, blowing bubbles even becomes a tool of transformation.

The Heart Whispers

Your heart whispers. It doesn't yell.

Heart means hear + art. Listening is deeply associated with the essence of the term.

It's a subtle form of listening, different than listening to the radio. You use a different ear altogether—the inner ear of awareness.

If your neighbor is making so much noise that you can't study, you find a way to get quiet.

What happens when that neighbor is you?

Media is a form of noise. People are too. Distractions. Even work. You have to identify your sources.

Then you simply turn the volume down.

What's interesting is that we form addictions to noise because we don't want to hear the art of the heart.