Pave it Forward

What can be hard to accept — impossible, for some — is the fact and truth there are no sides.

There is no left-wing or right-wing. This party, or that party. There is only the party, and you're in it.

Division results from ignorance, which means not knowing any better than to believe, "I am right. She is wrong."

There are no absolutes. What is right in one situation, is wrong in the next. And what is wrong today, could be right tomorrow.

This is not mere philosophical fancy. This is the understanding that puts us all in the same boat of togetherness, where inferior and superior melt away.

We have to learn to see this in that and that in this. Myself in you and you in myself. The right-wing in the left-wing, and so on.

That is the evolutionary purpose of a so called divided time. Theoretical education alone does little to heal, or truly to teach.

Humanity must learn through the pain of separation, the pain of war, and the pain of aggression that seeking to destroy the "other" side does not lead to unity, as tempting as the tragically misguided logic is to believe.

What will heal and truly teach is to finally understand, after being pushed right to the point of no return, that we all bleed red, breathe blue, and eat green.

Then, we will be able to see ideological differences and differences of opinion as spices in a meal. Different flavors only—one not necessarily better than the other but, combined, what make the meal more enjoyable. This is the hope of e pluribus unum, or out of many, one.

If the state of human affairs can get this low, think how high it can get.

But then again, don't fall for that trap either.

It doesn't need to get, and can't get any better than this. Such a time is of the utmost importance. In a way, we are all paying-it-forward (and paving-it-forward) for generations to come.