Deep down, we are looking for rest.

Relief from the struggle and feeling from the thought, "I must do something."

We resort to external measures. Money. Family. Status. Achievement, to name a few.

You are going to be comfortable living in a $90m Beverly Hills mansion. In a way, the whole world is at your finger tips. You can simultaneously do anything you want and do nothing at all, as you like.

This, without question, is a form of freedom.

However, material freedom, for all its wonders, unfortunately is subject to the basic elements of any story—beginning, middle, and end. Like anything else, it is subject to birth, life, and death. It cannot last.

While it seems we are free, in the background there is a constant anxiety. What if I lose my riches? What if I lose my freedom?

Though it may be buried several layers beneath the surface, this anxiety indicates we are not free. We are not at rest. We are not comfortable.

There are those who will continue to accumulate in a futile effort to cure their insecurity. If I can conquer a little more, then, I'll be OK. Who knows who we become pursuing such a path.

After the prolonged frustration of seeking and not finding, we come to the conclusion that we need to let go.

Like removing band-aids to allow a wound to breathe, we need to let go of everything we have been using to achieve the desired state of rest.

We need to come face-to-face with the core existential dilemma and meet it. How do I feel secure in an inherently insecure world? How do I create anything that lasts? How do I matter?

This kind of inquiry will, eventually, lead you to the truth.

The truth that you can't feel secure in an inherently insecure world. You can't create anything that lasts. And, toughest of all, you don't matter.

You surrender.

You let go of trying. Of effort. Of doing.

You move into being and the "no story" place, where no label of differentiation sticks.

In being, free from birth and death, you find the security that was already there. You can create for the sake of creating, without any need for a particular outcome. And, you find that you do matter because you are you.

Now we can say, "My work is done," and take rest.

Though we won't, as others need leading up the path.