Be the Answer

Imagine if all your innermost questions, suddenly, were answered.

You would experience an unimaginable peace. Boundless joy.

You'd be surprised how subtle it is—this fancy of ours to have questions answered. Often times, we don't even know that we are doing it.

Those who seek riches, look to answer, "Will I be OK?"

Those who seek love, look to answer, "Am I lovable?"

In Greek mythology, there is the legend of Hydra—a hostile, serpentine creature possessing several heads. Legend has it that attempting to kill this beast by cutting off one of the heads, would futilely result in several more growing, making matters worse for the would be hero.

Seeking answers to questions to feel secure is like that. When we answer one question, more arise, requiring further investigation, keeping us ever at a slight distance from true security (i.e., the kind that abides).

This is frustrating. Fortunately, this frustration will lead you to investigate alternative solutions—ones that could satisfy the itch.

What if you could be OK with not knowing the answer? Instead, you can hold the question by taking an active interest in it but, simultaneously, letting go of the need to have it answered.

Why not be happy now? Do you really need to have something to be happy now?

Why not see the answer in the question, or that the question is the answer.

And, eventually, why not move beyond question and answer altogether, and into a space where the labels drop and merge into one.