True Joy

Lesser enjoyment, sets you up for higher enjoyment.

Lesser enjoyment is enjoyment of the senses—what you see, what you taste, what you hear, what you touch, and what you smell (to a certain extent).

It is lesser because it is temporary. Enjoyment of the senses always comes, stays for awhile, and then goes–leaving the unenlightened mind hungry for more and more of the same.

Impermanence of the sort is the gift that guides us towards higher enjoyment.

Higher enjoyment is of the soul—what you understand, what you are, and what you can freely offer.

It is higher because it is permanent. Enjoyment of the soul is not cause-dependent. It can be accessed here and now, with or without _____________.

Anything we enjoy that comes, stays for awhile, and then goes is inherently frustrating when we are not aware that this is so.

At first, we don’t see that it is frustrating and continue to be pulled outside ourselves by the latest, greatest, and shiniest objects that capture our attention.

After while, we see and begin to feel something is missing—the frustration of temporary joy becomes unbearable.

We start to wonder, “Who am I? What am I? What can I offer this world?”

We understand coming into the answers of these questions is where permanent or true joy is found, and so we pursue them.

This does not mean we neglect stopping for a sunset, a slice of cake, or the company others—it means we put these things in their proper place.