Tolerate Discomfort

You can always decide to call it quits and start choosing for comfort.

Forget all of this become-a-better-person business, forget my issues, forget my yoga, forget my meditation, forget virtue, forget all this uphill climbing towards truth, enlightenment, and nobility.

To choose for comfort means to care more about enjoyment, socializing, and status—and to start investing in these things. Why not? You only live once, or so they say.

It’s just that you don’t really have a choice.

If you decide to choose for comfort, after quite a bit of fun and entertainment, that road will tire you out. Frustration sets in. Depression, perhaps, and external seeking for answers. Eventually, you will not be able to take a step further in that direction.

And so the uphill climb begins again to “figure things out.”

Like comfort, this road of understanding, too, leads to heavy amounts of frustration because it is so difficult (because the reward “on the other side” is so great).

You might get shamed for taking it. Your life starts looking a lot different from that of your peers. You are required to process all of your dark energetic content and much of your lineage’s, and you must adopt the strictest of value systems that makes it feel as if you are in a kind of prison, with little free will or wiggle room.

In fact, this road can be crazy making the majority of the time but, at least, you inwardly know that you are heading in the right direction.

We see-saw between the two choices until, one day, the final and irreversible decision is made to go all the way.

What a beautiful day that will be.