Care & Legislation

Deficiency in care cannot be made up for with legislation.

If people genuinely don’t care about sanitation [or insert other relevant issue], rules that enforce it will either be ignored, broken, used to cheat, or followed out of fear and, ultimately, resented.

Ideally, legislation is not required. Care in the body politic would be such that nobody would go without food, education, or feel afraid of the risk of war.

Why would you need to write rules for things as obvious as breathing air? Indeed, future generations of humanity may look back at this time and scratch their heads, as we scratch our heads at that time when people believed you would fall off the earth by sailing past the horizon.

In fact, the more rules on the book, the more legislation, the more governing and bureaucracy, these are indicative of a deep lack of care.

We feel that if rules aren’t written to keep people in line, things will go ill.

Take a look around. Does it appear that more legislation — more policy — is the answer? In some cases, yes.

More fundamentally however, is the need for increased care.

Care means compassion, empathy, non-violence, sustainability, cooperation, and understanding. If we cared more, we would legislate less.

How to increase care? That is like wanting the future, better phone of tomorrow, today. In other words—you can’t just flip a switch.

Care is connected to consciousness. The higher the consciousness, the higher the level of care.

How to increase consciousness? That is the question for our time.

(And if you look closely, you’ll see it’s already happening.)