The Battle

Every human being is on the path to knowledge of Self. Every one.

The differences between us amount to how far along we are, and if we are even aware of walking that path in the first place.

When you look out at humanity through this lens, each and every separating label dissolves. Religious labels. Labels of nationality. Professional and social labels. All of them.

We are all one and the same with the same dream to realize abiding peace.

And yet, we are not. We have unique identities, unique predilections, and liberation or full knowledge of Self — even in the most advanced stages — shows up differently.

We can now treat people accordingly.

The most ignorant among us are the most dangerous, and doing the greatest harm at this moment in time. To the planet and people, yes, but mainly to themselves.

If you consider these as your enemies, as other, or as needing to be eliminated from existence, you join the ignorant ranks, setting yourself up for a similar destruction.

If you consider these as beggars, poverty-stricken in their understanding of the way things are, perhaps you extend the loving, helping hand, as Gandhi did, as Mother Teresa did, and as so many noble servants of humanity do now.

War will not win the battle.

Only love, in the form of deep understanding, will.