All in Good Time

Those who end up liberating us the most, are those who push us the hardest.

A boxer looks forward to the first punch squarely landed on the jaw because, at that point, he wakes up, gets focused, and starts to mean business.

That is often the value of adverse circumstances and experiences.

However, it’s not predetermined that we’ll respond like the boxer.

We might get upset and cower away in fear, wondering why life is so unfair and harsh.

But this strategy only succeeds for so long.

You can “fight back.”

To fight back means to stand up, hold your ground, leverage your resources, and play to win.

We get pushed around to solidify our center, that’s all. Nature knows where we are weak and knows what buttons to push — and who to send to do the pushing.

You are the magician. You can make magic happen. You don’t have to wait for the next rainstorm.

You can make it rain.

That’s the joke.

We already have what we need. It’s just a matter of risking receiving the very thing your heart desires most.

All in good time.