Painful Ending, New Beginning

It has to be one of the oldest truisms in the book.

Before new chapters of life, new breakthroughs, new sources of joy, new careers, new relationships and new paths of all shapes and sizes, these are almost always preceded by their corresponding opposites.

Stagnation, consternation, fear, desperation, uncertainty, panic, giving up, and the like.

Why this play of opposites?

Something has a sense of humor. Something has an incredible sense of timing.

Something wants you to know that you are not alone in the journey and, especially, travails of your life.

In so many ways, it is like we have not left the womb. Constantly we are being held and nurtured—to such an extraordinary and all-encompassing way, we can’t even see it half the time, and might even deny it during particularly difficult times.

Experiencing the panic of uncertainty and the sudden emerging of a needed answer changes the game entirely.

We get tuned into the magic of creation and, while the experience may increase our overall faith that we will be provided for, more importantly, it encourages us to surrender.

To surrender means to give up our sense of doership because we know that we are held and provided for now, and nothing we do or don’t do will ever change that.

You might also call that love.