Do Nothing

To feel empowered to do nothing, means we understand there is nothing to do.

That further means we understand that right here and now, this moment is perfect, whole, and complete—nothing can be added or subtracted to improve it.

How can you improve something that is perfect, whole, and complete?

How can anything ever be lacking from this moment?

How can there be something to do, when everything is already in order (and always will be)?

We busy ourselves with to-do lists and projects to avoid this somewhat uncomfortable truth. Our egos feel like they are in control, working to manifest what appears as accomplishment.

If we believe in accomplishment, then we buy-in to the emotional drama of success and failure—yet another manifestation of the grand emotional drama of the birth-life-death cycle, that is discovered to be illusory upon close investigation.

What possibly can be real that shows up, stays for awhile, then leaves?

What is real is what is permanent. This moment is permanent, and so real. You are permanent, and so real. Neither of which requires help or assistance.

Each just is. Perfect in their completion and perfect in their imperfection.

When we know — versus think we know — that all is well, everything is already in order and there is nothing to do, we can relax.

We can move into the being-space where we allow things to flow through us. We allow movement towards or away to happen on its own, without interference or direction.

If I interfere or direct, then I think I know better. I think this moment can be improved. I am not realizing the joke that everything is OK now.

For this reason, we have been rightly titled human beings, not human doings as many have pointed out.