It should come as a relief to know that there is no wound too great for the powers of nature to heal.

From the deepest, darkest depression to chronic physical maladies, all that’s required is: commitment, right guidance, right tools, and persistence.

Commitment. You have to want to get better. You will do the work required of you to do so.

Right guidance. You need the advice of those educated in the area you are injured, preferably from those who are not suffering along with you.

Right tools. Whether it is talk therapy, yoga, or forms of surgery, the wound requires an appropriate intervention.

Persistence. It is easy to adjust to a compromised state and resign your authorship. Persistence is required to do the work required of you to heal, particularly when it seems you are not making visible progress.

You find the combination of these four things is what moves mountains in any creative domain.

It begins with commitment. Without commitment, we get lost.