You Already Know

A part of you knows what you need, what comes next, and how the story ends.

It’s located deep in your subconscious and speaks to you in whispers of insight, guidance, and inspiration. At times, it literally controls your behavior.

We go looking outside ourselves for an answer when we aren’t aware of this voice, or have not yet developed sufficient trust in it. Belief in bad luck persists, so does worry and insecurity.

Unhealthy diet, over consumption of media, “busyness” and doing, and general lifestyle stress keep us from hearing ourselves. At such times, we feel we need breaks, vacations, and the like. Fasting and removal becomes a needed medicine.

“I know what I need to do but am afraid to do it” is similarly problematic. We have achieved a certain level of inner clarity but still worry that things will not turn out well.

Here, letting go becomes a needed medicine. Letting go of attachment to outcome. Letting go of the need to be right. Most importantly, letting go of the concept that there is a distinct “you” to begin with—single, independent, and at risk of getting hurt.

Remember that much as a wave enjoys its unique identity, it is also the ocean (as the ocean is also a wave).

Maybe that part of you that knows what comes next and how the story ends is telling you exactly what is needed to realize the deepest dream of your heart?

Maybe it’s worth finding out.