Dig In

Faith — knowing all is well and always will be — can take you far.

It’s what propels any dreamer. He or she knows answers will come, even if evidence presents to the contrary.

Faith is what starts the creative process. If the Wright Brothers were deficient in it in any way, we might not be flying in airplanes today.

At the same time, we wouldn’t trust an inexperienced pilot who assures his passengers, “I don’t know what all these switches do but I can figure it out.” You’d be right to find the nearest exit and run the other way.

You can run high on the faith that all your finances will be OK and get behind on rent. Easily.

Training, also, is important. That’s your end of the bargain. (Think about what that means.)

Training means digging your heels in. Studying. Getting the license. Getting the certificate. Making the plan. Making the budget. Working out.

Weight does not lose itself, no more than muscles build on their own.

You have to do the work.

Training, alone, similarly is not the answer either. Training without faith becomes a grind, and eventually wears you out.

Where faith and training meet — like hydrogen bonding to oxygen — that is how dreams get made and your sense of self, realised.

That is living with purpose.