Do You Really Want to Know?

Wanting to know the truth is one thing.

Getting to know the truth is entirely another.

Wanting to know the truth is the attraction that pulls the moth to the light.

Getting to know the truth is the annihilation it will face for daring such a treacherous path.

With us, it is the annihilation of our stories, attachments, and desires. These things, as innocent and purely intended though they might be, all keep us knotted up in our personal sense of self and so, cut off from the truth—the whole, in the "holy" sense.

If there is no true inner and outer, then these must and will merge.

Freedom and joy beyond freedom and joy are the fruits of truth realisation—that's what intuitively attracts. However, a heavy price must be paid for them.

It is not easy work, by any stretch, to give up our personal sense of self and to let ourselves dissolve away into pure freedom and joy.

It takes time. It requires courage, and great ability to bear unpleasant feelings and circumstances. Most of all, it requires repeated commitment to take the next step and the one after that, and the one after that.

Really though, what else is there to do?

Any goal but truth realisation will seem small by comparison. It is the work we are here to do.

Constant questioning and self-inquiry are the guides, as well as a sense of, "I will not rest until the goal of all goals is achieved."