Real Magic is Love

Magic is the impossible made possible.

The vibration of magic is inextricably linked with the nature of the universe. Get lost gazing at the moon and the night sky and you will feel it.

Magic will be a part of your life. That is, unless, we shield ourselves from it.

We shield ourselves by investing in "me, my, and mine." By building identities. By becoming solid, independent "Is." We communicate to the universe, "I am separate from you. I will go it alone."

We get what we give. In this case, an independent journey void of magic, except the kind we conjure on our own, which like a man-made lake, pails in comparison to the real thing.

Real magic is a feeling of being watched over. Internally guided. Of knowing you are in the right place at the right time. Of dynamic exchanges. Of organic resolutions.

It is knowing all is well and always will be.

Real magic is trust and it is abundance. It is knowing what we cannot know.

Real magic is love.

We achieve real magic through surrender. Bowing at our knees with hands clasped after the weight of the cut off journey becomes too much to bear.