Salvation is found in surrender.

We get to surrender by understanding and witnessing there is no escape. You are here, the time is now, and this will never change. How could it?

Then, we see that struggling is in vain. Where can you go? And so we let go of struggling.

Yet another way to arrive at surrender is by observing the ceaselessly changing seasons. It doesn't stay summer forever. Summer comes, summer goes. Winter comes, winter goes. As do all the other seasons. So, we learn to love the moment—while it lasts.

Similarly, there are seasons of personal and collective evolution, i.e., periods of progress, periods of regression. Periods of ease, periods of hardship, and everything in between. Whatever the season you find yourself in, be glad, it's the right one because it's the only one (possible right now).

Nothing stays fixed—except you.

We surrender by realising that in a constantly-changing reality, there is nothing we can hold on to for support indefinitely. We can try and hold on to summer. We can try and hold on to happiness, but as sure as the sun will set, everything eventually disappears to eventually come back again later, over and over again.

So, we let go of expectation.

When we are able to let go of expectation, we find what we were looking for all along. 

Peace. Abiding peace. And with that peace, abiding, causeless joy.

That is salvation.