Miracles – sudden, unexpected bouts of goodness — are a function of grace.

Grace is a function of being in the right place at the right time.

It is always the case that you are in the right place at the right time—you can't be otherwise. But, and it is not a small one, you can mentally, i.e., on the level of thought, project yourself into the wrong place and time.

One example, perhaps the greatest of them all, involves the experience of expectation in all its varied forms. If your parents conditioned you to abide by their will and become a doctor, and you become a doctor — despite not really wanting to do so because of having another, truer dream — you end up in the wrong place and wrong time, and suffer.

All suffering is like that. Being in two different places and two different times. On the one hand, you are physically present in the here and now and, on the other, due mostly to inner or outer expectation and conditioning, you project into a separate, mentally-constructed here and now. 

This disconnected, split off state is important. There is nothing wrong with it. How else to get connected than by first being disconnected? How else to get found, unless first get lost?

The disconnected state is unsustainable. You can't live in it forever. Stress develops. Depression develops. Unshakeable, difficult questions arise. While this can feel like punishment or that you have done something wrong, like hitting the guard rail on a highway, you are being guided to make new choices to get back in the right lane and out of danger.

We either surrender, fight harder, or bury our head in the sand. That is your choice to make, again and again.

By surrendering, like peeling a layer of an onion, we learn to let go of our expectations and conditioning, and come back to our self.

Peel enough layers and the unvarnished you begins to show. Now you have arrived. Now all parts of you occupy the here and now.

Miracles and magic become the norm. Grace. You have found grace. And with that, an unbroken and unbreakable experience of joy.