There's More

There is work beyond the achievement of material security.

Material security is defined by family, money, social status, reputation to some extent, and accomplishment.

Most are satisfied with the achievement of these things, or those like them.

And while we may "hang out" here for awhile, a deeper longing begins to arise based on the inevitable and frustrating realisation that we live in duality and endless cycles of birth-life-death. Whatever we accumulate or achieve, as sweet as they may be, have a shelf life. If we construct our identity or derive a sense of security from these things, the loss of them helps us to wonder if there are more sustainable sources to be found.

That wonder turns into a mission to find the true source of security and the "I" that is not defined by this or that but the "I" that just is.

In gardening, if you want to get rid of a weed, you must pull it out by the roots, otherwise it will come back again and again to your consternation.

Similarly, if you want to get rid of the itch of insecurity and confusion, you must go to the source of them—namely, belief in separation.

Birth-life-death, underneath, are the exact same. Like waves on an ocean, their apparent separation is an optical illusion, existing on the surface-level of experience only. Upon closer examination, we see there is no birth-life-death and so no reason to ever be afraid.

Only peace remains.