In Troubled Times

Darkness descends on us whenever there is something of particular importance to learn.

The most potent, transformative change is not created in exalted states of consciousness. It is created during the blackest nights, when the direness of the situation calls for — demands — a new approach (or else).

In such times, the temptation is to yearn for the immediate end to what ails you. That is like yelling at the rain, telling it to stop.

You don’t have any control over the duration or intensity. None.

What you do have control over is your reactions, your attitudes, and your ability to remain open to the new perspectives that are attempting to be given to you.

Even in troubled times, always ask, “What am I learning?” “What is this situation trying to communicate?”

Given our intolerance for the slightest abnormality, it can be difficult to bring presence to the issue at hand.

However, it was lack of presence that brought the situation forth.

You can rightly conclude that it will be presence that will send it on its way.