Welcome the Mess

If you consider that the life-force power of the universe (you), is contained within this bony, fleshy structure that is the human body, you might reasonably conclude that our situation is something less than ideal, as if having the engine of a Ferrari housed within a Pinto.

It hurts and is exceedingly awkward to be squeezed into something so limiting, so vulnerable, and so prone to injury—something that will, inevitably, perish.

What if your life was not meant to be easy? What if your life was, by design, intended to challenge you in the most difficult way possible (according to your tolerance)?

What if we could remember that what we learn through challenge is eternal and what we attempt to gain through comfort is temporary—and, even, an inhibitor to what we can learn.

Why do we want to learn—why do we want to be human, with all of its messes, frailties, and turmoil? Because learning is connected with freedom. We all intuitively know this.

There are many forms of freedom. Ultimately, it is freedom from the swings of pleasure and pain that we wish to gain because with that kind of freedom, comes persistent bliss.

Being human is the bridge between ignorance and knowledge.

Welcome the mess.

Welcome the challenge.

Welcome the unmet expectation.

All have been sent as a gift from beyond.