Nothing Else But This

Fear, worry, panic and the like are the emotions that motivate us toward external seeking and problem solving.

They are all based in the very real sense of not knowing what comes next. And, particularly, if we will be OK.

Most of the time we react when fear strikes. We look for quick fixes through a number of mediums. People, substances, various forms of content, to name a few.

While these fixes might be needed in the short-term to stabilize, it is just a matter of time — like a rainstorm — before fear strikes again, sending us into a tailspin.

Fear is not solved through external seeking and problem solving. (It is in the sense that you must externally seek first to realize externally seeking does not give the final solution.)

Fear is finally solved through becoming OK with not knowing what comes next, i.e., becoming OK now.

We become OK now when we realize there is nothing else but this, or nothing else except what is happening right now.

Because there is nothing else but this, we can conclude that nothing needs to change because nothing can change.

Because nothing can change, we know and have every reason to believe, everything is already OK—and always will be. No matter what.

It takes extraordinary amounts of practice to come into this understanding and extraordinary amounts of trial and error.

It is worth the effort because the understanding is the one and only gateway to abiding peace (and, ultimately, abiding bliss, which comes when we realize that this moment is all that we would ever want).

First, abiding peace, which still has room for the emotion of fear, as even the most experienced pilots need warning systems, but no longer can fear knock you off your center. It comes, you notice it, it serves some benign purpose, and exits.

You remain you.