Healing Miracles

Through fasting, prayer, meditation, certain disciplines of yoga, and other medicinal rites, a power is awakened in you — some have called it Kundalini — that begins to purge everything and anything that is not the light from every corner of your mental-emotional makeup.

This can, does, and will include healing miracles of various shapes, sizes, and forms. A healing miracle is the resolution of a personal issue through extraordinary, seemingly otherworldy means.

Many among us pray daily and ardently for a healing miracle. We pray for the immediate end to a problem. We pray for a quick fix. We pray for things to go back to normal.

As well intentioned as these prayers are, sadly, they tend not to find realization. They tend not to find realization because we are not interested in the holistic learning the problem offers and we are not interesting in doing our part to resolve it. We might as well pray for rain in the middle of a desert.

So why are healing miracles visited on some but not others?

The power of the universe, in most cases, is not revealed to the uninitiated. If it were, egoic tendencies would be given jet fuel and there could be gross abuses of power that do serious harm.

The power of the universe, including episodes of miraculous healing, are mostly visited on the initiated. To be initiated means to have chosen to merge.

This means we recognize the presence of an effortless, no worry space where we can live in total bliss and harmony. We further recognize that to access this space we have to give ourselves up.

We have to let go of everything personal that keeps us separate and in a survival state. All of our ignorance. Our darkness. Our pettiness. Our competition. Our preferences. Most of all, our sense of “I.”

We have to reduce. Get smaller and, eventually, completely dissolve into nothing.

We become zero, which means we become everything. That’s merging.

With such a lofty, noble intention, similarly lofty and noble resources are marshaled (like Kundalini) to assist in its unfolding.

When miracles of healing are received, the initiate does not broadcast them to the world. She does not even feel the need to tell anybody about them.

All they do is inspire gratitude.

She bows her head and takes the next step.