Winds of Change

Your life is under guidance.

We know this because we receive sudden bursts of inspiration, movements toward certain things, or find ourselves in certain situations, meeting certain people who end up pointing our lives in directions we never could have imagined for ourselves.

If we allow these movements to flow through us — if we allow ourselves to be guided — we experience serendipity, synchronicity, and a feeling of being in a larger flow, which could best be described as a river.

We start to see things working out in wonderful ways and we then can conclude, beyond any doubt, we are not the ultimate doers of our lives.

Of course, questions of free will arise. How free am I if, it seems, decisions are being made through and for me? How does that even work?

The ego does not like to believe it is not the ultimate authority.

And those of us identified with our egos will not listen to the subtle counsel of our heart that whispers in the language of inspiration.

Those of us identified with our egos will push for change. Will try to “make it happen.” Will think about what is best and use effort to materialize that.

We become small, independent “I’s” and cut ourselves off from the larger flow, which could best be described as clinging to the river’s shore, like a frightened child.

The river is powerful. More powerful than your individual will. You can fight against it and may even have some short-term success doing so. However, like the gradual smoothing of rugged stone over time, you will get worn out.

Disease. Heartache. Frustration. Depression. Lack of luster and joy. Misery. These are the symptoms of the ego-identified life and a life lived in separation, clinging to the shore for too long.

The flow of life is now forcing (not kindly asking) humanity to let go in major, scary ways.

Let go of scheming. Competing. Living in fear and scarcity.

Let go of tired notions of right and wrong.

Let go of anonymity.

And when you do let go?

You do not fall.

You get carried.