Small Chisel

Spirituality, you could say, is the journey towards the final and total removal of anxiety, or the journey towards lasting and abiding peace.

Spirituality and anxiety go hand-in-hand. To begin to know there is more out there than our minds can comprehend, is worrying. To begin to know time is an abstract concept residing in the human mind only, brings also worry. To begin to know we must ultimately dissolve our personal sense of self — like a moth to a flame — to be free of anxiety once and for all, really, is a nail biter.

Always we wonder, "Will I be OK if I let go?" Likewise we might wonder, "Who is this 'I' that has worry to begin with?"

Anxiety, in this context, is not meant to be solved. It is not a problem. It is a guide and meant to be worked with. Its persistent presence is a healthy sign you are moving in the right direction.

The adoption of various spiritual practices from the various domains is the small chisel to eventually break down this big wall. A little yoga. A little meditation. A little pranayam. A little reading. A little satsangh. A little energetic healing. And above all, the single and one-pointed commitment to achieve sustainable security and peace, as this will automatically lead you to the necessary resources.

Slowly and steadily we chip away until, one fine day, the wall comes crumbling down, and inner and outer merge into each other.

Division and separation — the root causes of anxiety — exist only in the mind but given enough belief, become real.