No Day But Today

Sleeping and the passage of night give us the sense that there is some kind of separation between yesterday and today.

Days pass. We flip pages on the calendar after so many weeks, and ring in “new” years.

What if you didn’t go to sleep at night? Wouldn’t it feel as though the day didn’t “end?”

What if that was getting you close to the truth?

The truth is: there is no day but today, as the late Jonathan Larson so poetically put it. The truth is that there is only this moment, right now. And that never changes.

You live in the now, even while asleep. You lived in the now “yesterday” and you will live in the now tomorrow, if there is such a thing. You have always lived in the now. Doesn’t that make you ageless in a way?

Now-living is fundamentally connected to presence. If the forward-moving concept of time constantly pulls you into the past and future, what energy is left for presence? What does this do to our hearts? Our dreams? Our lifeblood and vitality?

The journey from head to heart, is equally as much a journey from future and worry to present and joy.

It is not easy to do this. Our egos resist the now because they sense their demise from it, as egos depend on time and thinking to exist. So we will feel fear and inner urgings not to consider any of this non-sense.

However, any true seeker, any true servant of love and truth will have to venture this path at some point.

Beyond the fear of realising there is no past and future and no birth and death, lies profound peace and freedom—the kind that can never be taken away from you.

Sustainabilty is connected to the now—to timelessness. What is not sustainable, is time dependent and will inevitably have the story features of beginning, middle, and end.