Feel What You Do

You don't always get to do what you feel.

But how much of our happiness depends on this? A great deal.

However, you can always feel what you do. No matter what. This option is always available to you, even in sad circumstances.

To feel what you do means to bring presence and awareness to whatever it is that you are doing. Making the bed. Sweeping the floor. Folding the clothes. Typing the screenplay. Making the calls. Watering the plants.

All of our seemingly mundane activities can be transformed into extraordinary experiences through a shift in awareness only.

If (and it is not a small one) we can learn to drop our expecatations of what should be happening and work with what we've got — however "imperfect" — we can discover a bottomless reservoir.

We can discover happiness that has no cause—that just is.

Try it. Feel what you are doing. Consciously shift awareness from the thinking mind, to the feeling body as you do what is required of you.

Put your heart into it just because, and reap the reward.