What to See?

You can travel the world, visit exotic locations, and explore for a lifetime.

But what, really, is there to see?

And is it the seeing that we are interested in, or a feeling?

It's a feeling of happiness and aliveness we are chasing.

Yet, is it not short-lived and temporary, that feeling?

When we are ready to trade the unreal for the real, such adventuring tends to decrease. Desire for travel tends to decrease. Desire, generally, tends to decrease.

We are no longer interested in the temporary and fleeting. We are interested in the permanent and changeless.

Permanent and changeless happiness is attainable. It is not attainable through the outside world, through things, through people, or through acquisition of any sort.

Permanent and changeless happiness — joy — is only attainable through internal work. The work is that of cleansing.

Cleansing of ignorance. Cleansing of emotional turmoil. Cleansing of psychological patterning. Cleansing of attachment. Cleansing of personality. And, finally, the cleansing of your notions of, "me, mine, and I."

Funny enough, in the end, it is the work of removal and not going anywhere that gets us where we want to go.