Path of Healing

Pain and suffering cause us to investigate solutions.

Right solutions can profoundly change our lives for the better and alleviate our pain. They exist across a broad spectrum, on every level—physically, mentally and emotionally, and even spiritually.

Yet, there is a final stage of healing as important as the solution—the regression.

A regression will very likely be visited on us in the mid-term aftermath of any major intervention that resulted in major life change.

Its job is to take you “back” to the place you were before the intervention to see if anything remains unhealed.

During this time, you might make a “mistake” you swore you would never make again.

This is a highly precious opportunity for you to meet the issue you were grappling with previously, with your renewed level of awareness to reaffirm whatever the new learning is.

This temporary setback, as upsetting as it may be, is temporary. The educational dividends it will pay, far outweigh reliving the pain.

Steps forward, steps back. Steps forward, Steps back. That’s how it goes.