At Wits' End

At wits' end means you have been trying every key on the keychain to open the door, only to find after a hundred attempts, you must not have the right key or that the lock has been changed.

It is at this inflexion point and even the moments before that we feel everything is falling apart. There is something we so badly want but all of our attempts to achieve it, fall short. We don't know what to do next.

This not knowing is a great place to find ourselves in.

Having nothing to lose in a sense, now we can investigate alternative solutions to the problem that might have seemed impossible or unthinkable before.

This is when we disrupt our personal status quo and our comfort zones, and potentially let go of a way of being or habit that has run out of time.

By no means is this not knowing, disruption, and exploring new options easy. Nothing worthwhile is. In fact, it is agonising and patience-testing.

But this is the stuff life is made out of, literally. Life evolved — messily — from the same paradigm. It's how every creature under Mother Nature's care grows and why we prefer the comfort of the known and knowable.

You cannot go it alone. You cannot rely on your own understanding only. From time-to-time, you must be brought to the edge of your understanding to help you realise how much there is left to know. That's what keeps us going and keeps things interesting here.