Start Being That

To get there requires going 100% of the way.

"There" means mastery, or the fully developed you that is no longer dependent upon approval and validation to feel secure and whole.

We all want to get there, that much is certain.

What is not certain is if we'll go all the way to do so.

Any way you look at it, it is a hard journey. The first few feet are hard... the middle parts are hard... but if the difficulty of this journey of enlightenment could be measured, we'd find that the final 10% presents as the most difficult and perilous.

Many of us will reach that precipice and stop. We've come a long way, we feel relatively good, and have acquired great skill. We see that the final 10% of the way asks us to do something brand new and unfamiliar.

Go it alone and risk total annihilation.

At this point, you are beyond help. Nobody can advise you. Nobody is going to be there if you fall.

You have to learn to be your own master and your own friend, and you have to leave all the tools and resources you used to reach this point, behind. It is a total stripping down.

Initially, this is scary. Yet, you think back to your original commitment you made to the journey in the first place and you understand how necessary and how beautiful this part is and can be.

Wouldn't it be something to know in the deepest chamber of your heart, you need nothing?

That you are the master you've been waiting for? And that now the only thing required is for you to start being that?

Everything is gained in the last mile. Everything prior was preparation only.