Welcome the Mess

If you consider that the life-force power of the universe (you), is contained within this bony, fleshy structure that is the human body, you might reasonably conclude that our situation is something less than ideal, as if having the engine of a Ferrari housed within a Pinto.

It hurts and is exceedingly awkward to be squeezed into something so limiting, so vulnerable, and so prone to injury—something that will, inevitably, perish.

What if your life was not meant to be easy? What if your life was, by design, intended to challenge you in the most difficult way possible (according to your tolerance)?

What if we could remember that what we learn through challenge is eternal and what we attempt to gain through comfort is temporary—and, even, an inhibitor to what we can learn.

Why do we want to learn—why do we want to be human, with all of its messes, frailties, and turmoil? Because learning is connected with freedom. We all intuitively know this.

There are many forms of freedom. Ultimately, it is freedom from the swings of pleasure and pain that we wish to gain because with that kind of freedom, comes persistent bliss.

Being human is the bridge between ignorance and knowledge.

Welcome the mess.

Welcome the challenge.

Welcome the unmet expectation.

All have been sent as a gift from beyond.

You Are Peace

Abiding peace cannot be cultivated in large crowds, in busy workspaces, or in the comfort of familiar relationships.

Abiding peace is cultivated, particularly in the early stages, in solitude. Away from large crowds, away from business, and away from people.

This, so the major distractors of the outside world, can no longer pull your attention away from your inner world.

Solitude is the training wheel that helps you get in touch with yourself.

In solitude, we hear our own heart, we follow our own counsel, and we learn to become the author — you could say master — of our lives.

However, we cannot live in solitude forever. That is only one half of the equation.

Eventually, you must rejoin the outside world. If your solitude has served its purpose, you will find that there is no difference between inner and outer—the two collapse and merge into one.

You find peace in both worlds because you have become peaceful, that is—you have realized that you are peace itself.

Now, nothing can affect us.

Nothing Else But This

Fear, worry, panic and the like are the emotions that motivate us toward external seeking and problem solving.

They are all based in the very real sense of not knowing what comes next. And, particularly, if we will be OK.

Most of the time we react when fear strikes. We look for quick fixes through a number of mediums. People, substances, various forms of content, to name a few.

While these fixes might be needed in the short-term to steady ourselves, it is just a matter of time — like a rainstorm — before fear strikes again, sending us into a tailspin.

Fear is not solved through external seeking and problem solving. (It is in the sense that you must externally seek first to realize externally seeking does not give the final solution.)

Fear is finally solved through becoming OK with not knowing what comes next, i.e., becoming OK now.

We become OK now when we realize there is nothing else but this, or nothing else except what is happening right now.

Because there is nothing else but this, we can conclude that nothing needs to change because nothing can change.

Because nothing can change, we know and have every reason to believe, everything is already OK—and always will be.

No matter what.