Do Nothing

To feel empowered to do nothing, means we understand there is nothing to do.

That further means we understand that right here and now, this moment is perfect, whole, and complete—nothing can be added or subtracted to improve it.

How can you improve something that is perfect, whole, and complete?

How can anything ever be lacking from this moment?

How can there be something to do, when everything is already in order (and always will be)?

We busy ourselves with to-do lists and projects to avoid this somewhat uncomfortable truth. Our egos feel like they are in control, working to manifest what appears as accomplishment.

If we believe in accomplishment, then we buy-in to the emotional drama of success and failure—yet another manifestation of the grand emotional drama of the birth-life-death cycle, that is discovered to be illusory upon close investigation.

What possibly can be real that shows up, stays for awhile, then leaves?

What is real is what is permanent. This moment is permanent, and so real. You are permanent, and so real. Neither of which requires help or assistance.

Each just is. Perfect in their completion and perfect in their imperfection.

When we know — versus think we know — that all is well, everything is already in order and there is nothing to do, we can relax.

We can move into the being-space where we allow things to flow through us. We allow movement towards or away to happen on its own, without interference or direction.

If I interfere or direct, then I think I know better. I think this moment can be improved. I am not realizing the joke that everything is OK now.

For this reason, we have been rightly titled human beings, not human doings as many have pointed out.


It should come as a relief to know that there is no wound too great for the powers of nature to heal.

From the deepest, darkest depression to chronic physical maladies, all that’s required is: commitment, right guidance, right tools, and persistence.

Commitment. You have to want to get better. You will do the work required of you to do so.

Right guidance. You need the advice of those educated in the area you are injured, preferably from those who are not suffering along with you.

Right tools. Whether it is talk therapy, yoga, or forms of surgery, the wound requires an appropriate intervention.

Persistence. It is easy to adjust to a compromised state and resign your authorship. Persistence is required to do the work required of you to heal, particularly when it seems you are not making visible progress.

You find the combination of these four things is what moves mountains in any creative domain.

It begins with commitment. Without commitment, we get lost.

Sink or Swim

Medicine comes in a million different forms—from the acerbic to the sublime.

Medicine is that which unbinds your heart. That which sets you free.

What type of medicine you receive depends on the issue being faced, your character, and the intensity of your commitment towards realizing truth.

Typically (though not always), the more challenging the issue, the more resilient your character, and the more intense your commitment, the more bitter the medicine is going to be.

Bitter medicine by and large has greater transformative power than sweeter versions. That’s why.

Bitter medicine might mean challenging relationships, disillusionment, injury, and sudden changes of course requiring radical adaptations.

The adept able to perceive the connection between the sting of the circumstance and the potential of it to heal, never says, “Why me?” She sees the diamond in the stone and digs in.

We are always benefited by remembering that creativity responds to creation. Ask any artist. When the songwriter begins to write, something comes to steady her hand.

At critical life junctures, we are asked to shed the old to make room for something new. If we are wise, we do just that. During such times, we may experience grief, panic, and be required to endure uncomfortable levels of uncertainty.

The work before you might seem beyond your ability, as it is for a bird before its first flight.

However, like the bird, you have been prepared. You have the resources. You have the ability.

Now, it is a matter of putting them all to use.

And when you do?

You find the air is heavy beneath your wings.