Easy Come, Easy Go

Sometimes things go your way, sometimes they don't.

At times the pressure is on, at other times it's off.

Sometimes you finish first, and sometimes you finish last.

What's the difference?

No matter what, isn't some part of you always there, witnessing and experiencing what's going on in a fairly contented way?

There is a space in between the never ending dance of opposites. Great peace is found there. Great freedom.

It takes courage to go there. You have to give up your ideas of right and wrong, your interpretations of events, and almost all notions of who you think you are.

Silence means life without story. Life without story means means seeing all as equal—essentially the same.

If it bothers you, it is an indication of erroneous understanding.

Question your understanding.

Not Knowing

The path to knowing is largely defined by not knowing.

Take a look around. Do you think anybody has a clue what's really going on? Do you?

We're driving at night, with only the limited range of our headlights to guide us.

Where to go next becomes clear as we go along, as it always has and always will be.

So much suffering originates from wanting to know but not knowing, or from pretending to know when you really don't.

Great peace is found by embracing not knowing. You can know that you don't know. That's a powerful type of knowledge that takes you from projecting outside of yourself, to back inside—back home.

And, really, it's the only thing that you need to know on this journey. Know that you're not going to know.

This leads to a sense of surrender. Of exhaling. Of dropping the struggle. Of dropping the competition. Of dropping the need to fight and figure it all out.

All good things in all good time, as Jerry Garcia so wisely said.

From this space, we become open to receiving. We become OK with ourselves as we are right now.

The highest knowledge there is is given to us. It is not learned. It comes, spontaneously, when we are open in this innocent, vulnerable, and childlike way.

Take or Receive?

The experience of flying first class comes to an end. It has a definite beginning and end point. It's the part in the middle you're supposed to enjoy. And by all means, please do.

Similarly, human life has a start and end point but unlike flying first class, enjoyment in the middle is not the point. Comfort is not the point. Happiness is not the point.

Yet points of all of these things is what we tend to make.

Pursuit of enjoyment can keep you stuck. With a certain level of achievement in this area, yes, you can become wonderfully cultured and be the center of attention at any party but what hides in the shadows?

What hides beneath it at all? Who are you? Why are you? How are you?

Real answers to these questions is what we yearn for and, curiously, we must sacrifice the pursuit of enjoyment to be offered the answers.

Nature does not confer the pearls of Her wisdom to the gluttonous. They are conferred to the humble, to the meek, and most of all, to those who put the needs of service before the needs of self.

The more we fight for our share of the pie indicates diminished service attitude. Where service attitude runs strong, either there is no appetite or the pie finds its way to you.

Do we want to take? Or do we want to receive?