Timeless Anchor

We need an anchor. Something that grounds us and keeps us steady through the endless seasons of change. Something we can keep coming back to when we get lost.

More than an anchor, we need a timeless anchor. One that is not subject to birth, decay, and death.

An anchor subject to birth, decay, and death is not an anchor—it's a buoy. More superficial.

You can't fully depend on anything that shows up, stays for awhile, and then goes away.

When it comes to choosing an anchor, look to the beyond. Look to the timeless.

And look to your Heart.


I shouldn't have done that.

Maybe. But you did.

Why feel shame?

Like a toddler learning to walk, you fall down. You try again. Fall down again. Make a correction, and so on.

During this process of learning, it doesn't help much (not at all, actually) to feel shame. The toddler doesn't know any better — and neither do you — otherwise you would very likely choose differently.

The helpful question to ask is: Is this behavior conducive to my practice? You decide.

Every action has its proper place and application. Nothing is absolutely good or bad.

The question is: Does it help or hinder your evolution?

The Teacher Follows the Student

We think we need to follow a teacher in order to [insert the blank goal].

We think they have something we don't—and that's true to a certain extent.

The truth is, teachers follow students. At least, the most credible ones do—the ones worth following.

A student's sincere bhav or intention emits a frequency that the right teacher will pick up on and respond to. It's why we have the famous saying, "When the student is ready, the teacher appears."

100% correct.

It's a mind that thinks it needs to follow somebody to get "a head."

It's a heart that profoundly desires to know the Truth, even if that means going it alone and giving all to do so. Then — and only then — do the right resources appear to give guidance and support.