If bhav isn't there, don't act.


Bhav means spirit or feeling.

If these things aren't there, refrain from acting.

That could even mean being rude. Why acknowledge and support ego tendencies in another, when you can cut them off and do both of you a favor?

Why behave? Why act appropriately if it means violating inner counsel and sanction?

Follow your bhav. Follow your feelings. Even if it means swimming upstream. This is a way to assure grace.

In like spirit, this blog is not over but has reached a stopping point and will not be updated daily or regularly until such bhav returns.

Thank you to the regular readers.

Chronic negativity, means chronic stuck condition.


Negative outward experience is a result of negative internal qualities.

The healing and yogic journey is about discharging these qualities. It is normal, along the way, to temporarily experience acute states of depression, anger, and so on, as these qualities make their way to the surface to exit.

It's the chronic condition to be concerned about. This means the drain is clogged. And so we stay stuck in a perpetually negative experience.

Some kind of intervention is necessary. Usually it comes in the form of an "accident" but it need not reach that point.

Lost precedes found.


The basic arc to the human journey is a movement from "lost" to "found." From ignorance to realization. From violence to love. From death to life. And so on.

More often than not, we are lost. That's OK. The problem is being lost and not realizing we are lost.

To be consciously aware of your struggle is an achievement indeed. Then you can work with it, and investigate solutions.

Apologies for the lapse this week.

Nocast vs. Broadcast


We promote, broadcast, and present ourselves to gain, often materially.

What happens with the process of yoga and self-realization is that the personality and entrenched ego structures dissolve away, including the personal sense of self that wants to broadcast and be known.

It is surely a sign of progression when not only the interest in yourself wanes but also the need to display it. The desire to "nocast" rises.

This is wealth. Knowing that by silently being you, all will be added on its own.