Standing Innocent

As sense of trust increases — knowing it is well and will be — sense of doing decreases in kind.

Doing results from thinking, the opposite of being. Not knowing it is well and will be, I think about what to do to make it well.

Stress is the result.

When I know, I am free from doing and have permission to be.

I step out of time and space and into the eternal now. I lose all labels of this and that.

I stand innocent.

Security from Nothingness

I am OK because I have:

  • A family
  • A home
  • A job
  • Money in the bank
  • A retirement plan
  • Respect of my peer group
  • My health

Very tempting but nonetheless—false security.

Without the appropriate internal disposition, take any one or a combination of these things away, and the individual's sense of security quickly goes with it.

Don't we want to walk before we run?

Can we develop security in the absence of all the typical measures of security?

Can we develop security from our essential nothingness, i.e., our self void of label and external reference points?

Yes, we can and we'd be wise to, at the very least, to prevent injury in times of chaos and transition.

Security from nothingness is being OK because I know that I am and will be. Nothing further is required, apart from what looks like trust on the surface.

Security from nothingness is being free from the idea that I have to do something. It is total innocence and simplicity, like a flower.

It is acting without compulsion. It is being. Really, it is being grateful (for what is).

Effort leads to stress and stress leads to disease. But what leads to effort? Not knowing that you are already secure.

The practice then becomes purposefully stripping away unnecessary "things"—relationships, psychological patterns, false identities, material possessions, etc. Any and anything that you rely on to feel secure.

Stripped of all the false, the needle in the haystack magically appears. See, you didn't have to go looking for the needle—that's crazy making. You removed the hay. That's much easier.

Though easier, it is not an easy path to take, except at the beginning. If you are sincere in pursuit, you will continually be asked and challenged — at times, forced — to let go of everything until there is no "you" (as you currently reckon) left.

Then and only then will you know the real experience of security.

So much support is offered to those who undertake this journey.

Building vs. Being

Why be a somebody, when you can be a nobody?

When you are a somebody, you build. Build up your name, material things, and sense of self.

When you are a somebody, you come and go, as nothing — nothing — you build can survive the test of time. You live a mortal life. Something is as yet unfulfilled, even if you build the world's tallest skyscraper or most financially viable organization.

When you are a nobody, you be. Realizing the vain pursuit of external treasures, the compass points within.

So you start to strip away. Removing all that stands in the way. All that is not aligned with Truth. All that is not the Real You. All the ignorance, fear, pain, and separation.

You take this to such an extent, until there is no personal strand of self left. What happens next? You merge with the vast expanse of the cosmos, that some have called the Absolute. You become immortal, incapable of going anywhere. Always here, always now.

You already were actually, but now you know that you know.