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Attraction to What You Don't Want

In our unaware, troubled state we will literally attract, invite, and embrace the precise people and things we do not want, that do not serve us, and keep us from the fullest and truest expression of who we are.

It is a viscious (vs. virtuous) feedback loop equal to how increased levels of stress cause desire for junk food which in turn increases stress, and on and on until something gives.

Do you not feel as if something is falling apart?

Take a look around. Can you feel good about the world right now? We're looking at the end of a long, viscous cycle.

Viscious cycles are inherently unsustainable, that's why they fall apart in the end, no matter how hard we try and keep them in place. We either change or we die. Either way, the cycle is going to break.

So you're feeling out of sorts. Your life is turned upside down. Nothing makes sense. You might even be suffering. This is not a time to be comfortable or happy. Did you really want to be comfortable with a status quo that got us where we are today (your personal one included)?

Can you really feel good about a new iPhone purchase while watching the seeds of World War III get planted? For every sense pleasure of happiness you experience, a human being suffers somewhere for you to have it. As long as one carries suffering, we all suffer, and work must be done.

Let us pray, walk in service, and keep our heads humbled during this time. And please, if you have a gift to give to the world, now is the time to bring it forth. Sacrifice an hour of sleep in the morning for it if you say you have no time.


The Roots of Desperation

It is the rare exception for somebody to be free of desperation.

Free of any anxiety. Full knowing that all is well and will be well. Truly, with love, not needing anything or anybody.

The test is how we react when the rug gets pulled out from under us. Job loss. Relationship breakup. Accident. Or, how we effort to get our needs met, and how we might compromise our integrity and sense of values to do so.

Desperation can be easily disguised as happiness. Don't let outward displays of security fool you. The very reason somebody pursues happiness is an act of desperation. And you can achieve it. Steady job. House. Family. Retirement plan.

Desperation can easily be disguised as happiness.

We don't know who we'll be if we were stripped naked, exposed, vulnerable, seen (especially with our own two eyes) for who we really are. So, we get fearfully dressed up and go off pursuing external and material goals. One after the next after the next, like being on a highly active but go nowhere treadmill.

You don't want to get too comfortable here but rather be driven by an unending fire of discontent. There is only one goal, and just absorb the words if the concept makes no sense: full merging with the Absolute. This requires active and proactive destruction and canceling out of the false self, the self that pushes you out into the world, that goes along to get along, that is thoroughly unaware of the desperation and panic, born of separation, within.

What do you think the squeeze of this time is all about now? It's meant to drive you crazy because there is unacknowledged craziness within. Is it really a time to be thinking and planning for the future with a smile? Joking around with friends? There's no guarantee there will be a future. Our status quo is being terrifically disrupted but it's hard to look at that. Much easier, in a way, to continue to plod along and say, "What are you going to do?" after we hear of the latest report of climate-change induced destructive weather, record draughts, and crop shortages.

It is depressing to look at our desperation, our pettiness, and our inauthenticity. Depressing because our in charge ego likes to feel as if it is in control and knows it all.

If this time is driving you crazy, good. If you are feeling out of sorts, good. If you are uneasy, good.

Use these blessings as methods of inquiry to uncover the Truth within. We have brought the world to the edge of ruin because we have been afraid to look. Desperately afraid to see ourselves as we really are.

Grace will be given to those that do.


MTP on Hiatus

A quick note to let you know, dear reader, that Moving Towards Peace is temporarily on hiatus due to a family emergency and my own state of inner catharsis and transformation. I'm still posting on Daily Remindr, so tune in there if you like what you see here. And if you haven't read my book, Know Thyself, now could be a good time. On iBooks here, PDF here.

I expect to return by 18 August. In the meantime, check out the archives. But, really, I feel the only post you (including me) need to hold on to now is the one below, Life is On My Side. Forget about the 7-day challenge, unless it resonates, but remember the concept.

All the pressure, ups and downs, turbulence and difficulty is fundamentally there to assist you. It's so hard to see in the moment, I know, but it's the truth and it does help to keep in mind to tame those charged reactions we go seeking support for.

With love,