The Heart Whispers

Your heart whispers. It doesn't yell.

Heart means hear + art. Listening is deeply associated with the essence of the term.

It's a subtle form of listening, different than listening to the radio. You use a different ear altogether—the inner ear of awareness.

If your neighbor is making so much noise that you can't study, you find a way to get quiet.

What happens when that neighbor is you?

Media is a form of noise. People are too. Distractions. Even work. You have to identify your sources.

Then you simply turn the volume down.

What's interesting is that we form addictions to noise because we don't want to hear the art of the heart.

Forcing Success

You can, with enough effort, force success (or force anything) into being.

The question is, why would you want to?

We force the outcomes into being that most reflect unhealed aspects of ourselves. It's a way to say (to others mostly), "See. I'm OK. I'm worthy," without doing the ostensibly tougher work of working on the root cause.

Besides the seeking and not finding, the major problem with such forcing is who and what we use, as well as what we do in the process. Everything becomes a means to an end. Everything becomes a usable — and disposable — commodity to get you what you think you want.

This is not a recipe for integrity and, in the end, we will have to reconcile.

Why not start reconciling now?

Why not work for the sake of work and do so with intensity and love—and let the rest, including the outcome, go?

Could be a recipe for success, if you know what I mean.

Standing Innocent

As sense of trust increases — knowing it is well and will be — sense of doing decreases in kind.

Doing results from thinking, the opposite of being. Not knowing it is well and will be, I think about what to do to make it well.

Stress is the result.

When I know, I am free from doing and have permission to be.

I step out of time and space and into the eternal now. I lose all labels of this and that.

I stand innocent.