The roots of a country determines its fruits.

The roots of a country are no different than your personal roots. Where you came from. What your family was like. Traumas you experienced and so forth.

All of these historical antecedents though not entirely fatalistic, do create certain dispositions and tendencies that without awareness and attention, can seem very fatalistic.

If a country acts perpetually violent, look to its roots and you will find violence there. If you are violent, look to your roots, and you will find violence there in some form.

How to transform the roots? How do we fundamentally transform violence?

In the case of a country, that could mean starting over. Digging out. Discarding. Doing it again.

But, without a transformation in you — the people — this more externally-oriented strategy will create the same violent situation all over again in time.

The answer is: you have to solve violence inside of yourself in order for a larger matrix (like a country) to be less violent.

The more violence we see in the world, the more we need to turn within and eradicate the seeds of our own violence. And, it's more the emotional/psychological kind, of which the physical kind has its roots.

It happens in the most mundane of situations too. With your spouse. Your child. Your neighbor. Your co-worker. And most of all, the relationship with your Self.

Turn a blind eye to violence without as it is just a mirror of violence within, and then do your work.

Let criticism lead to creation.

Criticism without resulting creation induces suffering. For you, primarily, and potentially for the object of criticism.

It is good to see opportunities to make a better (according to you) creation. Not so good to not act on them.

Everybody has an ability to create. That ability can be used to create works of wonder, and works of destruction. It's our choice which way to go with that.

With increased creation, criticism — of the negative sort that does not lead to action and induces suffering — becomes less. Now, you're not needing to be seen as much. You've got something out there and you're actively participating, i.e., you're "in the ring."

Criticise. Create. Criticise. Create. That's how things evolve. Watch criticising only.