Building vs. Being

Why be a somebody, when you can be a nobody?

When you are a somebody, you build. Build up your name, material things, and sense of self.

When you are a somebody, you come and go, as nothing — nothing — you build can survive the test of time. You live a mortal life. Something is as yet unfulfilled, even if you build the world's tallest skyscraper or most financially viable organization.

When you are a nobody, you be. Realizing the vain pursuit of external treasures, the compass points within.

So you start to strip away. Removing all that stands in the way. All that is not aligned with Truth. All that is not the Real You. All the ignorance, fear, pain, and separation.

You take this to such an extent, until there is no personal strand of self left. What happens next? You merge with the vast expanse of the cosmos, that some have called the Absolute. You become immortal, incapable of going anywhere. Always here, always now.

You already were actually, but now you know that you know.

Letting Go of People

It's easy to understand how letting go of material things from the past disentangles us from the past, clears out space, and makes it possible to welcome in the new.

We can also understand, conversely, how forever keeping things from the past for the sake of it, can keep us bound to the past and stuck—and often does.

Purging ourselves of material things that have served their purpose and are no longer needed, from time-to-time, is very important.

Though all the same reasoning applies to people, letting go of people can present as more of a challenge.

We form more acute emotional attachments and the thought of letting go of that special somebody becomes unbearable.

People (including you) come, play their part, and go. Some stay longer than others, some shorter. Welcome them as they come, bow to them as they go.

Though there is always a short-term sense of loss from parting ways, over time, you will no doubt see, how necessary it was and how much your growth depended on the letting go.

The Innocent Mind

Every vestibule of anxiety's intricate pathology leads to a thinking mind plus a consciousness that "latches" onto the thinking, treating it as real and personal.

This is a that. That is a this. I should have done this. He shouldn't have done that.

Thoughts about future. Thoughts about past. Thoughts about what's happening now. Done long enough, entire personalities and thought-based identities form, creating the right conditions of our Great Undoing.

The trick, practice, and skill is avoiding latching onto the thinking mind. There are many ways, as laid out by all the various spiritual teachings and teachers throughout the world and ages. All share a common denominator however, awareness.

Becoming aware — over and over and over again — that you are latching onto your thoughts is what prevents you from letting them take you away. Slowly, then, you separate from the unreal and condition yourself to the Real.

In the final stages of the process, as you move progressively closer to The Innocent Mind or the mind void of thinking, story, and interpretation, the joy of being naturally emerges.

The fountain of youth is Truth. That's what you've found. And now you know an inexhaustible supply of gratitude, peace, and fulfillment.