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Just Because (Paperback)


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The first work from MTP author, C.E. Lowman based on no-longer-available writings originally published on the MTP blog. Short, poignant, and to the point—this unique book has the power to transform.

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Doing results from thinking, the opposite of being. Not knowing it is well and will be, I think about what to do to make it well.
When I know, I am free from doing and have permission to be.
— Standing Innocent, from Just Because

Take the Just Because Journey

Often, when you ask children why they are doing what they are doing, they will, with remarkable depth of insight say, “I don’t know. Just because.” There is no reason. No motive. No agenda. They are simply expressing a feeling without attachment to outcome. To story. To desire.

Likewise, Just Because is a book with no agenda. It has no message. It is not here to teach you anything. It is simply here to serve (and even that is too much of a story).

Start at the beginning, start at the end, or pick it up anywhere in the middle—it’s all the same.

Timeless Wisdom Delivered With Subtlety

Just Because is filled with timeless insights and wisdom into the deepest depths of the human condition, delivered in a way that will make you feel as if parts of it were written just for you. You might be shocked, even, to find it answering deeply vexing questions you have been asking in the solitude of your heart, as if the universe had its own set of listening ears (it does).

Subtly, without you even noticing perhaps, Just Because will help facilitate the change you are most looking for at this time. This book has been looking for you, as much — if not more —as you have you been looking for it.

Should you buy it? Only if your heart says yes. And if it does, then you can be certain something is there for you.

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