To cultivate grace practice gratitude.

The word grace is etymologically connected to the word gratitude.

Gratitude though is not so much about taking stock and feeling thankful for everything in your life.

It's more a disposition, a kind of posture or lean or underlying operating system.

The lean comes from the deep realization there are forces out there much greater than ourselves, and that can include less esoteric forces such as those of Mother Nature.

We get into the gratitude disposition when we realize we are not the doers of our lives and don’t have as much control as we think we do.

We realize there is a hidden hand, a mysterious presence, a permeating kindness in the atmosphere beckoning us to move into more truthful, compassionate versions of our selves, leaving behind the pettiness and smallness.

Grace comes when we stop living solely for ourselves. When we stop scheming and taking and consuming. Such attitudes and behaviors are indicative of an understanding counter to gratitude.

Grace comes when we start serving, which doesn’t mean necessarily delivering meals to the homeless but performing actions whose benefit is not just for ourselves but for a greater cause.

It gets to a point where we want nothing for ourselves because we know we are always provided for. That’s grace.


I speak from Silence.