The goal is yoga.

Yoga is related to the word yoke. It entails a union with — as we know, there are many names for it — God, Divinity, That, Source, Love, etc.

It has to do with merging, which is what occurs when your ego becomes smaller and smaller through dedicated spiritual or yogic practice.

Your ego is your personal sense of self that fights for survival, has judgments and opinions, and is split off from this larger flow.

There is nothing wrong with having goals, creative ambitions, and dreams. It’s just that, as we saw yesterday, we don’t have as much control as we think we do. Our karma is inescapable.

The sense of “I” can be strong. “I must do this,” “I must do that” and potential worry when thinking of a goal not achieved.

This is counter to yoga. Instead, we want to meditate and make contact with that larger flow. Then serve. Then receive the grace that guides the way. Then trust.

Then everything starts lining up automatically. If you need to get somewhere, you’ll get there. If you need a resource, it will show up. If you need to develop a new pattern of behavior, you will.

You never compare yourself because you know you’re in the right place and cared for, even in bleak circumstances, which begin to minimize, as internal harmony and peace increases.

Practice yoga. Have this merging be your one goal and all the rest will follow.


I speak from Silence.