Seek the sustainable.


Birth is the beginning of death. Death is the beginning of birth. Where does one “begin” and the other “end?”

That’s the thing about relativity. Opposites are defined by one another, they aren’t as fixed as we think them to be.

It is a sure fire recipe for drama and suffering to get too attached to either pole. Happy. Sad. High. Low. We become like pin balls, bouncing back and forth helplessly, never quite tapping into what lies behind the play of opposites.

This game, brilliantly, was built into the system to frustrate us. After awhile, we grow tired of relativity and getting tossed about by the constantly changing seasons of the world.

You start to see how unreal changing, temporary things are. It’s just a surface illusion. Is it really Winter? Is it really Spring? Am I really a father? Yes and no, but more no.

Such questions lead down the path of liberation, where attachments to this and that get shed like layers skin, gradually leaving you naked with the truth.

You are here, the time is now. All is well.

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I speak from Silence.