Beneath anything stuck, there is a storehouse of energy.

If things aren’t quite flowing the way you want, it’s rarely anything external to blame — barring certain astrological alignments, of course.

Something is stuck.

You wouldn’t blame the river for getting jammed up at a river dam. The dam is the culprit. Break the dam and the river begins to flow again naturally.

It’s exactly like that with us.

In our case, the dam shows up in the form of mental and emotional toxins, which obstruct the free flow of our life energy and subsequently impact our experience walking through life.

When we purge ourselves of our toxins through sadhana, meditation, prayer, fasting, yoga, ceremony, psychotherapy to some extent, herbal programs, this is like chipping away at the dam.

Eventually the dam breaks, and all systems are go again.

The idea is that removal more than adding is what’s needed to get through the rough patches and overall, have a more harmonious, successful life.


I speak from Silence.