Being “born” goes far beyond physical birth.

The physical act of being born doesn’t necessarily mean we have been born, in the sense we are awake, aware, and committed to living life.

For most of us, being born is like any other adjustment we make to a new environment. We adapt to it, without questioning what exactly it is we are doing.

A life lived unquestioned eventually leads to frustration and the questions, “Who am I?” and “What am I doing?”

A search for a life of purpose and meaning occurs next and once found, a re-birth of sorts happens.

This path, too, leads to frustration after some time, as there is still an “I” at work trying to live a life of meaning.

Then, curiously, “death” of a kind is desired. An end to the “I” and life lived personally. Personal happiness. Personal enjoyment. Personal achievement.

The death of the “I,” also curiously, leads to the truest birth there is. The birth into life free from life and death.

A life of Being Here Now and freedom from struggle.


I speak from Silence.