All is indeed well.

Some questions are thoroughly unknowable.

Such as why one lives in relative comfort and the other fends for survival in a country torn apart by war.

And other questions like, why are we here? What happens after we die?

It’s as if our brains just don’t have the processing power. They fail when attempting to grasp them.

There are mysteries we can’t explain. We have to learn to let go of the questions we can’t answer and work with what we have available.

All of us, more or less, are fumbling our way through the dark trying to find our way. Trying this, no that’s not quite right. Trying that, ouch! I stepped on a nail!

We fumble around until we start to recognize (“learn again”) patterns between persons, places, things, ideas, etc. With pattern recognition, remembrance (“join again”) or A HA occurs, which comes from a more subtle place than learned knowledge, outside of the brain.

With remembrance, you no longer worry so much about what you can’t answer. You have some understanding that all is well, even if you can’t see the full picture.

All is indeed well.


I speak from Silence.