Shutting Down

We take it as a given that a business, especially one in it for the long haul, will close for renovation from time-to-time, or drastically scale back its operation while such work is performed.

Similarly with us, especially those walking a path of self-realization, where the constant presence of dispassion pulls you to keep shedding layers and layers of the false—false identities, false aspects of self, false beliefs, and false notions of reality.

In a way, the spiritual path is a path of deep and abiding internal renovation and of constantly improving that which is in disrepair, unsightly, or outmoded.

That process comes and goes in waves, depending on the level of acceleration you desire. Some waves will be large and catastrophic, some will be smaller and fun to jump over, others still will be more formidable requiring skilled navigation. And there will be periods of rest while you integrate new learnings and behavior.

Especially with larger and more detailed renovations, you will have to shut down and put a sign on the door indicating you are not available. This means time alone, of limited activity, and quite possibly uncomfortable feelings of loneliness and isolation, especially in cultures that do not support or understand such movements.

If you could somehow see what was going on inside of yourself, you'd give yourself a break and understand that nothing needs to change and that it is okay and necessary to say no more than you say yes during this time. All the furniture is being rearranged, there is a crew of painters in another room, and new plumbing is being installed on multiple floors. If you were to let the general public in, they would interfere with the work (prolonging it) or, possibly, cause damage. Plus, your full and undivided attention is required. 

We think we need to be of service. It is a noble thought. And we can accomplish noble service in the unrealized state. But the truly noblest and most effortless service comes in the fully self-realized state. Therefore, let your first and primary obligation be the service of yourself to achieve the highest and noblest of all goals.