Heal Thyself

Unfortunately and fortunately you possess the keys to unlock every lock you are facing and will ever face on your life's journey.

It's unfortunate because our younger part is used to having problems solved for us. We cry. Mom comes. Problem solved. We're resistant to taking care of it on our own.

It's fortunate because that style of problem solving is inherently unsustainable and only is appropriate up to a certain age (though the pattern, if left unchecked, can follow even to later stages of life). So it comes as good news we can rely on ourselves.

Your intuition will always guide the way forward. Your intuition is the master key to each and every lock. Nobody can advise you better than your own internal guidance system. The best anybody can do for you is help remind you of what you already know but maybe don't fully trust yet.

At a certain point, you have to rely fully on your own faculties and your own ability to navigate even the most complicated challenges from every domain, including matters of enlightenment and self-realization.

A master of any discipline earns the title because he or she is not dependent on anybody else for answers. They know.

They know because they had the courage and tolerance to learn from themselves, which often means making plenty of painful mistakes through trial and error.

Error is not error when you are following the counsel of your heart. It is correction and realignment. What feels like error is more like a refinement. You are refining your understanding as the drill drills a diamond.

Your understanding becomes so refined that there is nothing left to understand. You can relax. Practice is over, only peace remains and a profound ability to effortlessly serve others.

Whatever it is you are facing, it is quite likely you already know what to do or have more than a hunch. There could be uncertainty and confusion but instead of trying to solve it, why not let it be there as you continue to live each day to the best of your ability?