Question and Answer

You can't have a question without an answer, nor an answer without a question. Their lives depend on one another. That's how it works in relativity. Does down mean anything without up?

If you think your question is so extremely hard, it just might be. But that doesn't mean the answer is inescapable.

Think of your most urgent, anxiety-producing question—the one you think is so important and so necessary to answer.

What is it like to at least entertain the possibility that the presence of it means the answer is on the way? How can it be otherwise? If it were, you wouldn't be asking this question, at this particular time. What would be the point? One is calling out to the other.

Notice the word "quest" in the word question. That's a clue.

Questions motivate us by frustrating us. They get us going. They are like wind in the sails. And they ultimately lead us on journeys.

Questions are not meant, by in large, to be answered immediately—though our egos greatly desire this.

They are meant to be held, so they can carry you, and so that you can be prepared, step-by-step, for the answer.

The noblest answers require the noblest patience, and the noblest questioning.