Your personal spiritual journey, like any other journey, has a specific trajectory. One filled with intense ironies worth considering for a moment.

As one travels relative west from Kathmandu to reach the Taj Mahal, you travel "deeper" (not higher) from your current position to understand the truth of who you are and are not. Deeper, as in diving to the bottom of the ocean deeper.

Though you would think gravity would be on your side with such a movement, like ocean diving, you find it is an uphill climb, as if you were trekking a Himalayan mountain. Tremendous effort is required to battle the antigravity forces that would have you say, "That's enough work for one life." And so be it if that is your conclusion.

But like a dedicated inspector on a cold case, something will always beckon you on.

Curiously, as you venture deeper and deeper into the world of self, your inverted position will gradually correct itself naturally. The world you turned upside down to, gives birth to a world where "upside down" is right side up.