A Little Squeeze

There are no tests along the way. Nature does not give out grades.

What can happen, especially when it is time to close one door and move through another, is that you end up on the receiving end of a little squeeze that is perfectly adjusted to the level of ushering you require.

We get into comfortable grooves. We settle with our stories. We like our routines. However, you didn't sign up for comfort or routine, you signed up for progress, which means constantly beginning anew, at times without notice.

You might call the squeeze a crisis. But crisis is just a word we use to mean, "I don't know what's going to happen. I'm not sure if things will turn out OK." That's all a crisis is. Worry based in not knowing. Would it be a crisis if you knew how things were going to end?

More fundamental than any adverse, potentially scary circumstance is that a little pressure is now being applied where you are most sensitive. It can hurt.

Are you not ten times more alert? Asking important questions? Looking at the world differently? Perhaps remembering who you are and what really matters?

This means change, of some sort, a change you have been asking for, is underway.

Think about where you were before lightning struck. If you could, would you really want to go back? Maybe it was more familiar but can't you see that something needed to give?

Watch. In time, the unfamiliar becomes familiar but don't get too attached, as the familiar eventually becomes unfamiliar. And so on.