When in Crisis

Mosquitoes are meant to be swatted away. Not necessarily with exceeding amounts of force and aggression but a gentle flick of the wrist will do.

We tend to do the same thing in states of crisis. We try and make the problem go away as quickly as possible, whatever it is, to resume normalcy.

There is no accident a crisis is being visited upon you. It could be a diagnosis. Car crash. Job loss. Death of a loved one. A sudden, unexpected turn of events that has negative consequences.

We do ourselves a grave disservice by labeling the situation "bad" and casting ourselves into the role of hapless victim.

The crisis has arrived at just the right time, for just the reason, to just the right person. It is a time to pause, reflect, learn, and perhaps even change.

If you are open to looking closely enough, you might start to see the crisis as an upside down gift.

While you might be suffering, you can understand the perfection of the moment you find yourself in and all the causes that led you here. You might see that all the support you need is right there, maybe even more than you expected.

You might see the message that is trying to get through to you underneath all the difficulty.

The message getting through is more important than anything else because its impact is eternal. A temporary — it's always temporary — lapse into grief or hurt to receive it, is a small price to pay.